About DSinclairWriting

Hi, I am Daryl Sinclair and thank you for visiting my site.

With my experiences in teaching internationally, living with diabetes, and experiencing the world through a racialised lens, I seek to share stories and resources to build connections, start discussions, and support people.

I approach education with a contextual and democratic pedagogy that empowers the students to construct their own knowledge. I use PBL techniques alongside narrative teaching pedagogies.

I encourage people to teach ‘in Sinc‘ with the context and all of the participants in the learning process whether teacher, student, or subject. Through inclusive teaching techniques, people can be empowered to take creative risks and understand the importance of looking after themselves and caring for those around them.

I have been teaching since 2011 and teaching internationally since 2016, having the pleasure of teaching in London, Pinneberg, and Chongqing. My experiences include state and private schools along with time teaching A-Level, iGCSE, GCSE, MSA, and the IBDP, alongside the national curriculums of various countries.

Beyond my work as a classroom teacher, I am also actively involved with textbook writing and editing including new works which have been published by Hodder in the UK in 2021. But, more importantly, I am an advocate, a dancer, a gym enthusiast, and someone who is interested.

I would love to hear more stories and learn from people to deepen my ability to teach and guide, while also inspiring others to tell their stories and listen to the voices around them.

Companies I have worked with or published with: